Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Painting update.

Revell Swedish Infantry of the Thirty Years War

I've ploughed on through the Revolutionary French (aka Ruritanian Landwehr) and finished off another unit of twenty seven yesterday, which puts me on 68 Phil Olley painting point thus far this year. I've been hoping to field have eight to ten units of these chaps and two boxes of HAT Bicorne French Infantry in Greatcoats has yielded four units so far. I reckon another two boxes would put me at the ten, as I still have 80 or so figures left over from the original two boxes. I've gotten really quite quick at painting these, though I say so myself.

The purchase of four boxes of Italeri French Dragoons should mean that I'll be able to muster my three desired units of cavalry at eight men to a unit in the desired poses.

All that remains is the guns, I bought a box of the fantastic looking Zvesda French Artillery set, but I'll need to do some head swops. None of my reference material has any pictures of Revolutionary era French artillery, so that's something to track down.

My Revell Thirty Years War Swedish infantry, who will God willing eventually be turned into pike wielding 1798 rebels (picture above), remain in their boxes. They'll need to be bolstered by several boxes of HAT Spanish geurrillas to make the appropriate numbers.

Ideally, all this painting is for a game that will hopefully use a 6 by 4 ft Hotz mat with five inch hexes. The rules will be a modified version of Battlecry or Clash for a Continent. I'll probably run a campaign in the pub using four figure units and regular Memoir 44 boards long before any of this is finished, just to get playing.

In the mean time I'm bolstering the forces of King George by painting up a box of Revell's British Foot Artillery, two guns and eleven crew. A little support for the Halberdiers as the battle of Corunna approaches.


  1. I had the same problem, however I used Esci Old Guard Artillery + bicornes, see the result on my blog

  2. Excellant. Nice job on the conversion. The Zvesda figures are bit more "busy" than the Esci ones, in terms of straps and bags and such, but I'm sure I can make it work. Now all I need to do is find a suitable source of side to side bicornes.