Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orientalist Leanings

Captain Colin MacKenzie
by James Sant 1820-1916

There has been previous little time in the last week, though the concept of the week is becoming a strange one for me as I adapt myself to the shift system, so I shall be brief.

- Mrs. Kinch has been seen by a specialist and will be undergoing surgery in late June. The procedure is not a particularly complex one, but serious nonetheless. Fingers crossed.

As it happens Mrs. Kinch is alternating between periods of crankiness when her pain relief wears off and a distinct floppiness that occurs about twenty minutes after she has taken her pill.

- I managed to get the first leg of a Memoir '44 campaign played with a friend of mine. I took the part of the British in Normandy, while he took the German side. Honours were relatively even though I pipped him at the post the last few days of the Caen flank attack to seize a marginal victory. This was the first four games of a sixteen scenario campaign and I was rather pleased with how it turned out. The campaign structure is very light, but still manages to provide continuity and nuance.


- Work continues hectic, tomorrow is day seven of a seven day week. Phew!

- Good news from Mark Bevis, I have two battalions of French infantry on their way; the 22nd Ligne, chaps that lost their eagle at Salamanca, and the 3ieme Etranger, red coated cuckoo clock wallahs to a man. I think I may need to organise a new British regiment...

...but who?

- Speaking of which, I've prepped my first few units of Indians for my mythical Indian state. A friend will be doing a job on them for me. I still have no idea how I'm going to organise these chaps, but at present it looks like units of 24 men with some Havildars and Rissaldars and other such generally harmless persons.

Thus far I should be looking at...

2 unit sword wielding wallahs
2 unit musket toting wallahs
1 tiny unit of Sredni Vashtar cultists
3 units pindarees

This should be plenty if not for a full blown battle, at least for a game of Bob Cordery's "The Natives are Restless".

- Lastly and rather dramatically, Mrs. Kinch and I are looking at a house, nothing firm yet, but it's all rather exciting...


  1. First off, my best wishes to your bride for the very best result from her surgery.

    Next, I love that painting of MacKenzie . . . brilliant.

    Finally, enjoy your gaming.

    -- Jeff

  2. Fingers crossed for Mrs Finch. Hope all goes well.

  3. Have prayed for Mrs. Kinch. Both for a successful surgery and for strength while waiting for it.

    Meanwhile, I've enjoyed your latest postings. The Autoblinda photo was a nice find; eventually I have to add some Italian armor for my WW2 forces, I think. But that will have to wait on more important acquisitions.

  4. Lots going on in your life at the moment... good luck to all who sail in her, and don't forget to reject out of hand any house without a suitable spare room, basement, or garage suitable to be made into a "study"... :o)

  5. A Highland regiment perhaps? (It'll give you some practice at painting knees...)
    Otherwise the unlucky 44th

  6. Allow me to add my best wishes on your wife's health and on the house-hunting!

    I just saw that picture in one of my books on the Colonial wars. Thanks for the reminder of the free wargame rules and link directly to th 19th century rules. I'm on the lookout for rules for Colonial games, collecting an assortment and that link reminds me I can find more for free.