Monday, November 8, 2010

Fluster'd with flowing cups.


The Fifth Dragoon Guards -
doing their celebrated impression of Conrad Kinch earlier today

Today was a fine lazy day and much needed. Mrs. Kinch's birthday festivities were celebrated last night and a good time was had by all - though this did mean that I was in a somewhat delicate state this morning and this afternoon.

And also if I'm honest this evening.

While perhaps, I gave Bacchus rather more than his due last night, I wasn't helped by having to work late into the afternoon and then head straight into the festivities. The result was twenty three hours awake on three hours sleep and not one calculated to leave young Master Kinch in the most sparkling of forms. I spent most of the day hiding under a duvet while Mrs. Kinch watched the magnificent David Jason as D.I. Jack Frost. I emerged pale and quaking, a wrecked half shadow of a man, the merest spectre of my former self to be restored by a cracking chicken dinner.

I did do some productive work though in amongst slobbing about.


The Hindenburg and associated decals - notably lacking in swastikas

I had promised Donogh that I would make him a zeppelin for his Great War dog fighting games and he provided me with a copy of Revell's Hindenburg set, which I started work on today. The basic structure is sound, though I shall have to look at some pictures of earlier zeppelins to work out what sort of gondolas, etc I shall have to bodge together.

Donogh wants to use it as the centre piece of a sort of Great War version of the Death Star scene from Star Wars, so I may have to gild the lilly somewhat and make it a little more fearsome than in reality.

I think it could certainly benefit from the addition of a war elephant, don't you?

I also sprayed some 20mm British Heavy Dragoons that I got from Newline recently, you can see them above. Mark is booked up with work at present, so I won't be sending these over to him any time soon, but they will form the main body of my British heavy cavalry. I hope to have them done up as the Fifth Dragoon Guards of Salamanca fame.


I also resubmitted a copyright clearance request to Project Gutenberg in relation to a super secret project that bears no relation to the above picture.

None whatsoever.


  1. In a thunderous baritone voice -- "Sounds like a good time was had by all, then!" ;-)

    Best Regards,


  2. A belated "Happy Birthday" to your fair lady.

    Also may you soon have good news regarding the house you want.

    -- Jeff

  3. If you're going to allow it to be refitted for Pulp/VSF have a look at this Prussian Sky Fortress