Friday, June 17, 2011

Salamanca (British Attack on French Right) - 22 July 1812 - Part 2

When we left our gallant gamers, the British had pushed across the river - and as you can see, the French pushed them right back. This was something of a theme for the rest of the game.

Over on the French right, French Hussar Captain "Henri Le Oddball" is putting his dictum into practice.

"Zere eez onlee un wai tu attack ze Breetesh eavy dragoons, in ze arse!"
The 4th Dragoons Guards are driven from the field, leaving General Brock isolated. He was then promptly captured by troops of the 8ieme Ligne, ending the battle.

A good night was had by all - even if the dastardly French did win. Donogh has recorded the other game that we played over at Land War in Asia.

Plenty more to come I hope.

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  1. uh oh, I can deal with the tremendous urge to have some chicken after the manner of the Iron Duke before Salamanca, but the urge to pull out a Napoleonics book may prove fatal to my intended train of thought.

    I am starting to wonder what else I could do with five boxes of Esci/Italeri British hussars, besides British hussars, ...and the shelf is right there...