Friday, May 11, 2012


I have an entirely fictional regiment of Hussars of Conflans in my French army, but this chap is from the very real 10th Hussars. If I had been thinking I would have asked Kristian to paint him as one of the 3rd, as that is the number of the real Hussars of Conflans. At least that's what wikipedia says, I've embarked on the ardous task of rereading the stories to make sure.

I do these things so you don't have to.

 But even if the uniform is wrong, this figure, a gift from a good friend, has the right sort of stuff about him, that Etienne Gerard swagger. It is a beautiful piece of sculpting and Kristian has done him proud.

Damned if I know what I'll do with him, now that I have him, but we shall see. 

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  1. Perhaps he deserves his own name and a place on the staff?

  2. Ross,

    I've made a habit of being unoriginal. Now is hardly the time to change.

  3. He has that light cavalry, devil may care attitude to his stance that your painter has captured nicely. Great mini.

    Did you know there is a Hussar, Alberta, about two hours drive from me? That seems vaguely relevant, somehow.


    1. An oldie but a goodie, I think he is a Minifig. He was a gift from my friend John Cunningham.

  4. Yes, as my undergraduates might say, he displays the right amount of "swag."

    Best Regards,


  5. He's an S Range personality figure (NSF 2s, Aide de Camp). You should ask John if he has any Lamming kneeling firing hussars -one of my two examples of this figure commands a small skirmish line of them. Then your man can do something useful other than posing - but would that mean he isn't true hussar?

  6. That's the figure I have been looking for. Who makes it and is there a mounted version?

  7. Nobody. They are old Minifigs from the 1970s. See my blog the Lone S Ranger

  8. A possible (easily available) alternative is the Tradition 25mm figure of Uxbridge on foot NSF3b. Bit taller and skinnier - pictured on the Tradition of London site here:

    (last figure on page). There's also a nice figure of a Lig=feguard officer on foot.