Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snapshots from a recent project

Schilling Grenadiers presenting arms to the dastardyly General Longlade*

There's been precious little blogging of late - mainly because the energies I devote to writing have been siphoned off into another project. This will be gracing your shelves before Christmas I hope. That combined with very spotty Wi-Fi coverage at home has impacted severely on my ability to blog. I have a couple of battle reports building up - up with this we will not put !

A fully operation battle Mrs Kinch has been despatched to deal with the ISP.

French infantry marching past the little Calabrian village of Trebbiano

Writing for publication is always nice as I much prefer print to pixels. It's funny, I spent years trying to be a writer and enjoyed no success whatsoever. My two novels have a grand total of thirty nine rejection letters between them, but in terms of actual money earned and pages printed (it's no way to earn a living, but Lord is it good to keep score) the last twelve months have been the most successful. And all this after getting a real job.  

The Sinews of War - a beautiful Minifigs (I think?) British wagoneer

The figure above was a gift from General Williams, the pride of the Oxford yeomanry and a regular reader. It's a lovely piece of work and I'm very taken with it. I've been thinking that it could certainly be of use in Sharpe Practice scenarios, though it has already done service in Calabria.

*I only just realised that the trees behind are a Portuguese flag.

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  1. What a wonderful little model that is, and the figure is beautifully painted. Enjoyable read that post, as always.