Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working Class Heroes

Three more of RH Models Urban Meltdown SLR toting urban guerillas. I've been doing a little work on them over the last few days. I'm particularly pleased with this pair. I don't remember the seventies (I wasn't even thought of), but one of things I remember about my teens was the popularity of German army jackets.

I was quite happy with the paintjob I managed on these jackets.  The tricky bit was the German flag on the arm. It's not exactly square, but it serves. 

This fellow is dressed as Alex and his Droogs would put it, "in the height of fashion". A denim jacket and jean and a pair of American imported converse sneakers. Rolf's chaps are all wearing what look like rather heavy boots, but I think the paint conversion of converse sneakers isn't too bad. 

Given that I don't usually take picture of food, I had to use Instagram for something. Here are my plucky urban guerillas with the 1977 filter. 

The "1977" filter apparently makes things look like 1970s photography. There may be something to it, but I'm not sure it shows miniatures off to best advantage. 

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  1. Sneakers are brilliant, but don't forget desert boots, which were also 'in' in the mid/late 70s. And, of course, the Donkey Jacket - with or without plastic patch over the shoulders.