Monday, January 14, 2013

The Paths of Glory

Russian Hussar

Kristzian sent me some pictures of some casualty figures that he did for my Russian cavalry. They're based on Zvesda figures and I think you'll agree they look rather fine. Sending the pictures was very decent of him as I'm finding it difficult to keep enthused about wargaming at present.

Guard Cossack

I use these to mark dead units in Command & Colours: Napoleonics as it makes it easier to keep track of victory points. The Russian army is slowly growing, particularly as my bases from Products for Wargamers arrived and very fine they are too. I've started cleaning and gluing the Russian Infantry I got from OldJohn of 20mil Nostalgic Revival, but most of my spare time is spent fixing things around the house at present. Once those are done, it'll be off to Mark for painting and then it will be show time!

Guard Cossack, alternate view

Russian Hussar, alternate view


  1. Replies
    1. Just browned off old chap. I'll snap out of it.

  2. They look very cool, hang in there man keep the war gaming faith and you'll hear the sounds of battle once again.
    Well maybe not but war gaming one of those things has its moments of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing these great pics

    1. They look rather fine don't they? He sent me some pictures of the full regiment which I must put up.

  3. Your man Kristzian continues to impress. I had no idea that Russian cavalry in this period were so well dressed. Both very natty (if somewhat dead) fellows.
    I do hope you get your mojo back soon, old man. Happens to me sometimes as well.

    1. I'll see if I can't find some livelier ones for you Padre!