Thursday, October 24, 2013

Honest Kinch & Sons Foundry. Est 1748.

They're never going to win any beauty contests. 

With Gaelcon closing in - it's been a bit of a DIY week in the Kinch household. Mrs Kinch is doing sterling work in the War Room, staining and varnishing her little heart out.  The house reeks of varnish, but the end result looks well and that is the main thing.  I have been going through the box room and various bits and pieces have headed Oxfam-wards.  The multiplicity of small jobs that get ignored during the day to day running of a house have all been attended to. 

Old John of Vintage 20Mil fame will be dropping over tomorrow for Gaelcon.  I always enjoy his visits, though I suspect that my wallet will not thank me as he has told me he is bringing a "surprise". 

Unfortunately, whatever surprise Old John is bringing it probably won't be my guns for Little Wars, which despite having been due for nearly a week, still haven't arrived. I have been able to repair some broken guns and snare a few from other sources, so we should be OK. It did however leave me rather short of mortars, which I need. 

So above you will see the fruits of my labour at Honest Kinch & Sons Foundry. Est 1748. "Suppliers of loud bangs to gentry of three Kingdoms. No money returned." A broomstick barrel with foamcore evo stick'd to the side. It isn't pretty, but it says "Mortar" loud and unequivocally. I'll paint it when the glue is dry. 


  1. Nothing that a few dabs of paint - in classic wargaming style - won't fix. More power to your mortars!

    1. We'll dust 'em with the magic of theatre darling!

      As my wife always says.

  2. So, you're going to drill out the barrels, yes? and put springs in, yes? so they can shoot? or fit an elastic over the barrel maybe?

    oh well at least they will look like mortars.

    1. I like you. You're funny.

      Style over substance dear boy.
      Style over substance.

  3. They will do exactly what it says on the tin ,if you know what I mean...

    1. Exactly. Could you get in touch regarding those Volare Cantare chaps?

      They are all packed and ready to go. They just need a destination.

  4. Conrad,

    Please allow me to object to something you wrote.

    From where I sit I think that your wife has a BIG HEART and not a "little heart" . . . particularly since she was working to improve YOUR war room.

    Do something nice for the dear lady, sir. She' worth it.

    -- Jeff