Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Second Battle of the Chamla Valley

               A scene of disarray 

The Second Battle of the Chamla Valley did not go as well as the first.  I arrived home recently to the now all too familiar eye watering small of male cat.  It emerged that BBC (Big Black Cat) had returned and that there had been another border action between him and Sir Harry Flashman VC.  Unfortunately the engagement was not restricted to the kitchen or the hall, both of which are relatively easy to fumigate. 


In this case the smell of Satan’s sock drawer was emanating from that holiest of holies the War Room. Closer inspection revealed that the Chamla Valley had been the site of a second engagement. From the fur left behind it would appear that Flashman was not unscathed, but that he seemed to have had the best of it. The mat has received an airing and a thorough going over with Fabreeze  and seems to be OK.  


Still, up with this we will not put.  I had not anticipated a second tribal uprising so soon after the first.



                    A happier scene 


In happier news, one of the pleasures of existence is seeing new life ushered into the world.  I saw these little chaps on the way to work recently and they were doing very well.  I got close enough to snap a quick picture, but made sure to steer clear of Mummy & Daddy who would no doubt make their displeasure felt.  It was a wonderful sight and left me smiling for the rest of the day. More of this please.




  1. Cats and wargaming tables a volatile mix ! , Tony

  2. Normally Flashman tip toes around the table like a gentleman.

  3. I had a cat-loving female friend once who said that if the cat got into my sand table it might leave some realistic looking logs! Good luck keeping it clear.

  4. A terrible thing to find. Short of a battle lost, there is no sadder sight than a battle interrupted by cat urine.
    I have an army backpack that still smells of cat pee, years later, despite all my efforts. When I retire I shall smile and return it to the QM.

    1. I'm sure that he will be delighted to receive it.