Sunday, September 20, 2015

Terrain update

The old reliable Airfix control tower

I'm back from London a week and the Waterloo game was excellent. Truly superb.  But writing a report and sorting out pictures has been somewhat time consuming and between work and returning to college, I've had my hands full.  To relax, I've conducted a bit of a clear out of the War Room and finished off a few things that were within an asses roar of completion. 

To be honest the significance of the numbers is lost on me, but they were in the original kit. 

Now as it happened, my kit was so old that paper components had perished, but Capability Savage ran me up some stickers that look just like the originals. The tower itself I painted last year (or was it the year before? I forget) while ill with pneumonia, but I had not added the stickers. 

In addition, I have mainly been basing trees. 

There's also been a mass outbreak of forestry as I dived into a bag of MDF bases and started basing every tree in sight. This is lovely work, quite undemanding and very relaxing. 

Static grass. 

Rinse, wash, repeat.  

There's something rather zen about the whole process. Who knows, perhaps there are a mob of Buddhist monks somewhere who decided to jack in the whole mandala business and are knocking out trees for wargaming to beat the band. 


  1. Basing Trees is a noble and worthwhile task ! , Tony

    1. I had to call a halt because I ran out of glue - I've another dozen or so bases to do.

      I will get it sorted though.

  2. What a great kit - I remember it from my Airfix catalogue donkeys years ago but never had one. Do you have a scenario in mind for it?

    1. I actually used it for a vbcw game based around an aerodrome. It's a nice little model. I picked it up years ago and never got around to it.

  3. 42, the answer to life and everything.

    Not sure where 23 comes in.

    Answered from my isolation bed at home.

    1. Well I for one appreciate your comment from the sick bed. 42 could very well be it.

  4. Really nice terrain! Haha, be careful about the trees, if you get fond of that you'll end up with a forest at home!