Sunday, April 17, 2016

Command & Colours: Tricorne

I came across this floating around in the blogosphere, hat tip to Old Trousers from Numbers, Wargames & Arsing About.  This is Tricorne, Richard Borg's take on the American Rebellion. Contrary to early reports, this game will be shipping with blocks rather than plastic figures or at least that's what it says on the manufacturers website. I'm not awfully keen on blocks, but to be honest I will probably play it with figures anyway. 

I have no great enthusiasm for the American War of Independence, but I am very interested to learn how Richard Borg tackles linear warfare.  There are suggestions that a Seven Years War version will be forthcoming if this is successful and that I would be very interested in. 

The game will cover the following battles. None of these involve the French unless I'm very much mistaken - though Du Gourmand is already laying in supplies of 1/72 figures in anticipation.

Bunker Hill -17 June 1775
Long Island (Grant's Attack) - 27 August 1776

Long Island (British Flank March) - 27 August 1776

Freeman's Farm - 19 September 1777

Bemis Heights - 7 October 1777

Bemis Heights (British Redoubts) - 7 October 1777

Monmouth - 28 June 1778

Camden - 16 August 1780

Cowpens - 17 January 1781

Guilford Courthouse - 15 March 1781

Hobkirk's Hill - 25 April 1781

Eutaw Springs - 8 September 1781

The game is not available yet, but can be pre-ordered here with a hefty $20 discount.  Unfortunately, the shipping from the US is equally hefty, so I'm in two minds at present. That said, Richard Borg has never written a game I didn't enjoy.


  1. I have tried AWI and still have the armies..lots if Musket Miniatures stuff which is really lovely, nice elegant proportions...good 1/72 figures. If only they dud Napoleonics. It struck me that AW I is not really eighteenth century warfare.......almost no cavalry and many battles are not that linear. The best tactics for the Americans are to use a lot of militia and a few good Steuben trained regulars. Then shoot and withdraw with he militia...with no real cavalry its difficult to get caught....and when the British are weakened.... send in the American regulars who can stand up to them. The militia are that delightful combination of cheap line troops who are reasonable shots. American rifles and Indians add colour, but its hardly lace war when redskins start infiltrating your flanks.

  2. You're probably right, but I'm really curious as to how he'll distinguish it from Napoleonics.

  3. Completely off topic but have a look at this for British artillery grey (not blue-gray).

  4. SO!!!!!!!! Giurmand laying in troops is he, tell the bugger to get in touch with me as i have a pile (several kilos) of unpainted AWI figures available
    cheers Old John

    1. I discussed as much with him yesterday. He will be in touch.

    2. Tell Gourmand to put the pint glass down and git typing
      cheers Old John

    3. General Du GourmandMay 3, 2016 at 3:57 PM

      Message sent finally put the pint glass down

  5. Conrad,
    I will have to agree with you regarding Richard Borg. I've met the gentlemen and played in one of the games he ran at a con in Florida of which he regularly attends. I shall most likely see him this weekend actually! He's a fine gentleman, a great game designer, and an equally accomplished game master.

    PS - Mad Guru told me I'm the lucky terrain winner. Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah.

    Sgt. Guinness.

    1. Splendid. Drop me a line at conrad.kinch at Gee Male Period Com.

      I reckon you will be able to puzzle out the email address from that.