Friday, May 13, 2016

Prussians outside Liege - Work in Progress

An officer type and a marching line infantryman

There's something rather delicious about playing hookey from your hobby.  I'm generally pretty good about sticking to a plan, focusing on what I should paint next so that I can play games sooner rather  than later.  I enjoy playing with friends more than I enjoy painting, but I do enjoy painting and every so often it is a pleasure to let ones hair down and just paint something silly. 

From the rear 

I picked these up a few weeks ago.  They were actually a joy to paint, as I know very little about the uniforms of the period and they came with instructions. I didn't agonise about colour choices or anything, just the simple pleasure of slapping paint on lead (or in this case zinc) and doing it with reasonable facility. 

This chap is some kind of Jaeger officer I think 

From the rear, it's a very odd pose. 

A Prussian Line infantryman and an officer who looks like he is short a DJs headset and decks

If I ever use these for anything it will surely be Little Wars and I think I rather prefer the late 19th century to the early 20th from that point of view. With that in mind, I made the supreme sacrifice of heaving my bulk up the stairs and pulling Michael Solka's German Armies 1870-1871 (1) Prussia off the shelf.  Having found an illustration of a line infantryman that I liked, in fetching blue rather than the grubbier feldgrau, I powered ahead. There are not too shabby either, if I say so myself. 

I should also mention Darko Pavlovic, the artist who illustrated the Prussian book.  Not quite in the same league as Angus McBride (but who is), but a lovely clean line. 

I'm quite happy with the blacklining on the canteen. 

I don't hold much with blacklining, but the Devil took hold of me and I dabbled with it a little bit.  It doesn't look too bad actually. 

That pose makes a little bit more sense now, doesn't it? 

The figures are part of a mini diorama with the officers gathered around a map table.  I'll post a few more pictures once I've got them varnished and fit to be seen in good society. 


  1. You've done them proud Conrad!

    Best REgards,


  2. Even from the front it's a very odd pose. ha ha
    Try it out yourself.

    Nice work on the painting!

  3. Lovely work sir!
    Now the rest of the unit...

  4. I was wondering how you would get on with this set and what a fabulous result! The line about playing hookey made me chuckle as I do something similar. Not able to paint during the week do to tired eyes, I painting table tends to get loaded up with all manner of things, new purchases, recent discoveries or just a whim, so when I sit down on Saturday morning I completely forget where or what I was supposed to be working on - it is wonderful!

    1. Isn't it. They were just looking at me and elbowing other more deserving figures out of the way.

  5. They are looking good, and it still makes me nostalgic to see them, however..... typical The Blue General gets staff officers, the Red General gets a colour party!

  6. Great painting! - the crouching Jaeger officer is obviously supposed to be seated at a drum kit? That would explain why the officer in blue is conducting.

  7. Splendid brushwork! Buttons and red piping make the figures really stand out.