Sunday, February 4, 2018

Aboard the Space Hulk “Memory Lane”

In the grim dark future there are only cardboard dungeons 

Target and Savage came over for a game last week.  We had intended to play "The Men who would be King", but Target's eye lit up when he heard I just gotten my paws on a copy of "Space Crusade". This and Heroquest were firm favourites when we were about 10-11.  So we pulled out the old girl and put her through her paces. 

Savage acting with typical magnanimity after snatching victory from Targets grasp

The result was interesting.  The game is simpler than I remembered, but has some intriguing wrinkles.  I enjoyed it's simplicity and the sense of nostalgia that playing it evoked, but also I liked the situation.  Heroic adventurers exploring a dungeon in space is evocative stuff.  I wish GW would release a game that bridged the gap between this and Heroquest.  The idea of exploring Space Hulks is a powerful one, but could benefit from some more "character". 

Mr Target damning the dice 

We used a mixture of the figures that came in the box and some painted 40k chaps I had knocking around.  One thing that struck me was that the game was quite luck dependent - the lack of an overwatch or interrupting mechanic made it difficult to deal with stuff that wasn't immediately blasted. 

Service in the Space Marines is a grim humourless  affair.

Space Marine Target giving the Chapter Approved signal for 
“Oh Dear, that is a Dreadnaught - isn’t it?”

We played two games in quick succession and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Target reckoned he'd give it another go, but Savage thought that it wasn't a game he would play again other than for nostalgia's sake. 

Lt. Randius Quaidius of the Imperial Fists bites the dust 

The final two marines stalk through the Space hulk before being mobbed by gretchin 

Honours were even between with one victory to the Marines and one to the Alien Commander. My love for the Rogue Trader setting might set me to do something more with the game, but the answer to that question remains a resounding maybe. 


  1. Oh, the memories! A nostalgia trip like this one is fabulous from time to time. glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    1. It was fun. I'm wondering if it's something we should do again or if the shine would come off it.

  2. Still got Space Hulk somewhere , my first brush with GW .

    1. I've only ever played the computer game version. But it was excellent.

  3. Sounds like a blast! I often used to think the D&D might be more fun, when a teenager, were it in a similar setting to the one you describe here. Somehow, I never managed to make the jump to Traveler or other space RPG's.

    Best Regards,


  4. Science Fiction RPGs have had their difficulties. I can't think of any of them that have been as successful as D&D.

  5. If you can get your hands on Space Hulk, or something like it such as Doom or Imperial Assault, then what I've found to make the game very entertaining is to set it up as a large sprawling capture the flag game by mashing the concept with that of Frag to handle the weapon upgrades.

  6. I like Space Crusade, though I haven't seen it these twenty and more years. I was involved with a family friend (FF) and his young (FFYS) son in a campaign. FF had the chaos stuff - Orcs, cyborgs and assorted nasties. FFYS had the Ultramarines; I had the Imperial Fists.

    The first action was a disaster. Having cleared a couple of rooms, came under heavy attack and had to fight my way back out again. Lost my whole squad, and emerged with a couple smoking holes in the battlesuit.

    After that, I never looked back. I think we played four or five more actions in the campaign narrative, winning victories every time. Then FF got a job up in Wellington, and the game came to an end. Pity.

    I was having so much fun!

  7. This looks great fun!! I must break out my copy for a game soon!