Saturday, January 12, 2019

Wet Palette

Like most of the important things in life - I came late to this one.  Mrs Kinch very kindly got me a wet palette for Christmas.  It’s quite a substantial one about the size of an A4 page.  It’s been a revelation.  I’ve used a great deal less paint and found it much easier to thin my paints appropriately.

The only snag was it was rather large and couldn’t be brought anywhere as the lid wasn't watertight. 

The palette I had came with a refill pad of "wet pads" and palette covers. So I set to with the refill pad and some scissors and an old tobacco tin.  I cut the pad and paper to size and slipped it into the tin.   The result was watertight, light and has proved very useful.  Can’t recommend the wet palette enough - if you're doing any amount of painting at all, I would urge you to try one. 

The Kinchlets are continuing to grapple to with the problems of LEGO.  


  1. I can't get over how much they have grown! Children do, of course, but still.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi CK, the wet pallet is wonderful, I'd say it saves a good 50% on paints as a small blob remains usable for a couple of days. Here in Spin my paints were skinning over in minutes making it hard to get that fine flow needed for detailed work so I returned to this method once again.

    Kinchlets coming on a treat too :)

  3. I have a smaller one I got off ebay (A5) , but any airtight container works , all that Lego a minefield for the unshod foot !

  4. I made mine from a grass tufts plastic box. The master painter Tony Runkee, who painted an awful lot of Peter Gilder's collection showed me how to make one. Fold some kitchen towel in the bottom of the plastic tray and then cut a piece of grease proof paper and place on top of the kitchen roll. Dampen the kitchen roll sufficiently to make the grease proof paper be damp and then use. Top up with water, as and when required.

  5. Once tried never forgotten. It was a revelation when I finally succumbed. I now use a small Tupperware box, sponge and baking parchment.

  6. The Kinchlets have the right idea: When playing with Lego, it is important to walk around wearing socks afterwards to find those lost single bricks in the carpet!

    Regards, Chris