Friday, March 21, 2008

Battle reports.

Rangers of Fitzpatrick's Company skirmishing with the French, prior to their charging the bridge across the Noswego.

The British
From Col. Frazer
To my Lord Ponsonby

Reached Noswego bridge to discover French engineers attempting to destroy same. Engaged and disrupted said activity. In the process, discovered heavy French musket and Gun presence at other side of bridge, with negligible casualties to the Rangers. In face of overwhelming firepower, falling night and heavy rainfall, no further attempts were made to take bridge. Supporting guns did not arrive in time to make advances on enemy position before nightfall. Now holding our side of bridge. French cavalry unit on this side of the Noswego engaged and defeated: stragglers fled back across the river on previously unknown ford. Now scouting for other such areas.


The French

General Du Gourmand

At approximately 1600hours on the 3rd of March English troops made an attempt on the bridge Noswego a successful defence was mounted by our troops in the area.

We at present hold the Northern side of the bridge and the British have moved a large body of troops to the southern bank of the river.

This is clearly a large scale British attach demonstrated by large numbers of foot and horse and British guns have been sighted in the area.

It is my intention to harass a British crossing of the river which will most likely be tomorrow using the cavalry which arrived late yesterday evening to cover a withdraw towards Ashkazi.

Unfortunately we have determined that the bridge cannot be blown.

Also I must report an excellent cavalry charge by a squadron of the Les Chasseurs a Cheval du Bretagne under the command Capt. Mela which successfully routed a larger force of British Heavy cavalry the captain should be commended for his service to France.

Yours truly,

Col. Du Anhalt

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