Thursday, March 6, 2008

Leprecon 2008: Bloody April

A horrified German pilot watches as his Gotha IV begins to burn.

An RE8 sends an Albatross down in flames, staged for the propaganda men. Sadly not an event that occurred too often during the actual game.

The few, the proud, the GMs.
Wing Commander Kinch DSO, DFC (bar), left. Captain McCarthy DSO, right.

"Jerry is here, here and here."
Wing Commander Kinch DSO, DFC (bar) sketches a plan of the Hun defences.

Leprecon 2008 was a success. You can see plenty more pictures of what a success it was here.

Mr. McCarthy ran "Jump or Burn" over the weekend. The planes painted up well, though I can't say I was particularly taken with the game. I've been trying to like Piquet for quite a while now, but it doesn't grab me for an aerial combat game.

I suppose it's because I play games to imagine myself in the role of the actor, be he a general, a fighter pilot or what have you, and "Jump or Burn" didn't engage me in that way. I've played "Von Richtoefen's War" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't seem to understand the card mechanic of the game or make it work for me. As a result it was a particularly bad weekend for the RFC.

That said, my end of the game, painting the planes and ensuring they worked on McCarthy's spiffy looking flying bases, worked and while I was not the only person not to take to "Jump or Burn" several people had a very good time playing it.

Horses for courses, I suppose.


  1. For flying games, you may want to take a look at Bag the Hun (for WW2) and Algernon Pulls It Off (WW1) by TooFatLardies ( ). I haven't played them myself, but know a great many fans of them.

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