Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheer my solitude with sweet sounds.

I've been working nights for the week and have had little chance to do much of anything, domestic concerns have held sway. The Tyranny of work, study and home as been near total.

I was sent the above video the night before last and it cheered me mightily.

There has been little progress on the wargaming front, though I intend to make some inroads into my Indian project during my next few days off and get my Waterloo PBEM campaign in order.

I have yet to pick a name for my Indian kingdom and have done relatively little reading for the project beyond casting an eye over the Osprey on the battle of Assaye. I think Donald Featherstones "Colonial Warfare: India" and the always fascinating "Encyclopedia of 19th Century Warfare" by Byron Farwell will be my first ports of call. What I think I'll do is work out what sort of games I want to play, then puzzle out what sort of military establishment will allow me to play those games and then design the principality to suit.

Based on what I've read thus far, I think my hypothetical Raja will have a force made up of...

Compoos - Indian troops drilled in the European style with battalion guns.

Bargirs - Heavy cavalry with lances, mail, etc.

Silladars - Medium (?) cavalry, a sort of light cavalry under discipline.

Pinadari - Rampaging cossack types, who fulfill the traditional role of hussars without the magnificent hats.

War Elephants - The need I feel for one of these defies all reason and sense.

Sredni Vashtar Cultists - These gentry will almost certainly bear a striking resemblance to the Kali cultists from Temple of Doom.


  1. That's brilliant!..."more intelligent kind of girl"...right, I've finished setting them out according to my 'Generalship', time for a fag!

    I am supposed to have some of his collection in mine, I bought some 20mm Merten from Stad's in the States which he stated were from the sale of Peter's stuff, but there was no provenance when they arrived, the lot didn't bear much relationship to Stad's description and couldn't be tied to the original (Christie's - I think?) lot descriptions either, but it's nice to think I have some!

    Anyone recognize either the paints he was using, or the reference booklets, 'cause they weren't Osprey?

  2. How is Mrs. Kinch doing? Hopefully things are progressing in a positive direction.

    -- Jeff

  3. That is so cool! And old school. :)
    I like the line about it being like chess but more exciting. :D

    Ah, Sredni Vashtar. I had nearly forgotten about that bit of Saki. What a great name for an evil cult in the subcontinent!