Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whistling does work...

I knew they'd come back when they were hungry!
- not a great picture, taken rather hurriedly on my phone again.

As you can see the Esci Arabs did turn up - it was only a matter of importantly ignoring them.

Snickering - Sadly, it is on the cards that Mrs. Kinch may require surgery. That is not to say that it is a definate, but we're bracing ourselves.

As for the thorny issue of "casualty marker versus knocked over toy soldier" a rather clear headed friend of mine clarified the issue over coffee last night. As I do not have sufficient casualty markers to do the job at present and I must perforce have some visual indicator, knocking chaps over is the way forward. Should I ever acquire a sufficiency I can try the casualty marker method.

Abdul - The Raja of something or other will most likely hold sway in the early to mid 19th century so that my redcoats can stretch their legs and to avoid the necessity of finding the Raja's forces a new opponent. It will also give me the excuse I need to purchase some of John Cunninghams sepoys . I have had designs on these for a while, as they are as trim and well turned out a set of fellows as ever put Johnny Pathan to flight also his Akali, though some ecumenical shennanigans will be necessary to put Sikh and Hindu in the same camp.

I am off to work for the night - with visions of be-howdah'd War Elephants dancing in my head.


  1. I'm sure that I write for all of us as I hope that Mrs. Kinch does not have to have surgery . . . but that if she does, she will come through it with the best possible outcome.

    -- Jeff

  2. Conrad,
    best wishes to Mrs Kinch and ourself.

    Thanks for answering about the Raja's period of 'activity'. These Indian types are rather multi-period (btw you surely noticed John Cunningham is to produce a SYW range - surely with such an 'old' name the "46nd Regiment of Foot (The Royal Corps Of Halberdiers, West Essex Regiment)" already existed during the Lace Wars? hint, hint...).

    Best regards,

  3. "...with visions of be-howdah'd War Elephants dancing in my head."

    Those Indian armies are such an eye-candy indeed!

    Best wishes!

  4. Best wishes for Mrs Kinch on the medical front.

    This Indian business looks very promising.