Thursday, June 24, 2010

Competition Time.

- an extra shiny sixpence to the boy
who can tell me the truly appalling pun behind this picture relating to the paragraph below

After a rather considerable hiatus - the result of our competition.

This generated some interest I'm surprised to say and thank you to those to submitted their answers by email.

And the winner of the Perry Plastic Dismounted Dragoons go to Maverick Collecting.

Leave a comment with your postal address and I'll send them on forthwith and delete rather than publish the comment.

Not as it happens Maverick didn't win because he got the question right, no one came within a country mile of that, but because Mrs Kinch pulled his name out of my cap when I visited her in hospital this afternoon. Mrs Kinch is in recovery at present and had her operation yesterday. It appears, thank the Lord, to have been a complete success and all that is needed now is rest. I shall be taking some leave to be with her during the first week of her convalescence and I'm looking forward to spending the time with her, however sleepy she may be.


  1. I am pleased to hear Mrs Kinch is moving forward well.

  2. My best wishes to your dear lady wife . . . may her convalescence be as pain-free as possible.

    Remember to be aware that one of the main difficulties for you as a caregiver is that your wife will be very frustrated with the pace of her recovery. She will want to do more than she should sooner than she should.

    If you are not familiar with the "spoon theory", you should read it (and relate it to your bride). Here's the URL:

    My wife had brain surgery about ten years ago (and no, you don't really ever fully recover from it); the "spoon theory" has helped her to understand that she doesn't "have the spoons" to do all that she'd like.

    Hopefully your lady will recover fully, but until she does, reminding her that she doesn't have an unlimited number of "spoons" may help.

    -- Jeff

  3. Given my godless existence on this earth, there is a godlike synergy there, or is it 'symmetry'? I have just given away some Airfix DAK and an Eidai 88mm as a competition prize on my blog. Please thank your better half for the lucky fingers! And wish her well, we are going through similar here.

    Best to eMail me here;

    as it's already in the public domain, and; like a naughty schoolboy killing daffodils with a whipy-stick, I take great delight in reporting all the spam as 'fishing scam'!!

    So what was your favorite?