Friday, June 25, 2010

An Evening out with Mrs. Kinch

Some weeks ago, Mrs Kinch and I went out to the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin to see "The Importance of being Earnest". It was a superb production, starring Stockard Channing as Lady Bracknell.

Algy and Jack were the stars of the show and made the action really sparkle.

One thing that jarred was the production lacked a sense of class. Servants sat while their masters stood, Algy met his aunt in his dressing gown and both Cecily and Gwendoline needed instruction in poise and decorum. They didn't sit or move correctly for women of their time and class. These are nitpicks of course, but it brought to mind how hard it is to create the illusion of another time and place.

What has this to do with wargaming?

Nothing of any significance - though I believe it does underline the point that it is very difficult to put yourself in the place of a general of the past.

Not only is the contemporary gamer not hungry, wet, deprived of rest and far from home, but he is a very different man from the chap he's trying to emulate.

Contrast the rigid sense of duty and self control of the Duke of Wellington with the emotional availability and inclusiveness of our own age.

Note: No pictures sadly as blogger is misbehaving. This shall be remedied.

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