Monday, July 5, 2010

Brief Update

Mrs. Kinch at her sickbed.
Teddy Bears and machines that go bing omitted by
the artist on account of not being proper Art.

The last few days have been so busy that is has prevented me from posting.

I was greatly saddened by the death of Paddy Griffith, a great and generous soul. He was a funny, active man with no side or pomposity to him and it was a pleasure to play games with him. He challenged me in every encounter, whether it was taking me to task for writing that simply wasn't good enough or outwitting opponents on the field of honour. His work speaks for itself and is a fitting monument to the man.

He and his family have been much in my thoughts of late.

Mrs. Kinch is back in hospital. Her convalesence was going well, until some post-operative complications led to greatly increased pain. She weathered this with her usual stoicism and I had hoped that her trials were at an end. I took an afternoon off to play a game at Donogh's while Mrs. Kinch was being looked after by a companion. Unfortunately some rather dramatic scenes ensued on Saturday night and we hurried to the hospital again.

Mrs. Kinch is being kept in Intensive Care and being scrutinised by some very highly paid wallahs in white coats. These gentry are distinctly sketchy on what is wrong with her*, but are agreed that they've managed to rule out the worst possibilities.

*Though my mother in law did point out that Mrs. Kinch is well past warranty and that she and Mr. Morris operate a strict no returns policy.


  1. You have my best wishes for your bride's quick recovery, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Oh, man! I'm sorry to hear that! Here's wishing you and Mrs. Kinch all the best! May she get well soon!

  3. Please convey my best wishes to yourself and your good Lady. Keep us informed as to her progress ...

  4. I can only echo Jeff's statement - the pair of you *are* going through it at the moment...

  5. Please give us an update on Mrs. Kinch's health . . . hopefully a positive one.

    -- Jeff