Sunday, July 18, 2010

Conrad Kinch explaining his lack of posts to an irked readership.
(Gustav Dore)

Mrs. Kinch update: Mrs. Kinch is home and well. Most importantly she is longer leaking spinal fluid from her back. The change that came over her on returning to her own home was extraordinary.

The wargaming cubboard has been rather bear of late. One discovery I did make was Two Fat Lardies Summer and Christmas specials; I've been spending a great deal of time in hospital waiting rooms of late and I often find reading wargaming material a very pleasent diversion, when something cheerful and undemanding is required.

The Lardies Specials are £5 a piece for a PDF file with usually between 100 and 140 pages of content comprising additional rules, scenarios and other material for their stable of rules as well as general modelling articles. All of this presented with the Lardies trademark sense of humour, which I rather like, though it is not to all tastes. Most of the specials are rather Second World War heavy as "I ain't been shot Mum", "Tactics, Weapons and Troops" and "Bag the Hun" are all written with that period in mind, but that is no real hardship and I'm happy that I'll convert several of the scenarios to Memoir '44.

Historically, I haven't enjoyed aerial wargames - but Two Fat Lardies have a set called "Bag the Hun!" The name itself sings its a siren song.

Delivered straight to your inbox - I read mine on my phone - there's a lot of reading in a Two Fat Lardies Summer Special. Surprisingly, given the name - there is very little fat here, just solid wargaming material engagingly written.


  1. I am very glad to read that Mrs. Kinch has returned home and is in improving health. . . . Please do remind her that she needs to allow herself permission to heal . . . her reserve tanks are drained and they need rest to slowly refresh themselves.

    In other words, keep reminding her to "take it easy".

    -- Jeff

  2. Good to hear Mrs. Kinch is home and doing better!

    No worries about lack of posts.

  3. Delighted to hear Mrs Kinch is moving forward well!
    best wishes to you both