Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Great Tamasha*

Newly mustered troops.
(Fatzington RA)

I am leading a retired existance at present, dominated by -

- work. I'm on nights at present, which presents its own challenges.
- academic work that is part of my training and which I need to make a dent in soonish.
- house hunting. Mrs. Kinch is determined that we find a house. I'd also love to find a house, but I'd also like another two hours in the day in which to sleep. Unfortunately, the house that we had set our heart on sold, so we're back to the drawing board.

Mrs. Kinch continues well and is with her parents in the country for the weekend; sunning herself and teasing stable lads to keep her hand in, no doubt.

Wargaming has been conspicuous by its abscence, though I have managed to make a little progress.

Above you'll see some of the new Indian army, troops mustered for me by a friend who does a spot of comissioned work. The cavalry are HAT Cossacks converted with green stuff turbans into Pindaree horsemen. The foot are ESCI Arabs, irregular types - all bad manners and ten rupee jezails.

I have a regular battalion of Indians ready to be dispatched to young Fatzington. Not sepoys exactly, but European drilled troops of my imaginary Indian state. I'll probably have them attired as Dodds Cobras, a similar body of chaps from one of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels.

The other spot of wargaming news was the arrival of the first issue of the Classic Wargamers Journal, an excellant publication that cheered a weary soul.

Between these pages you'll find battle reports, four scenarios and articles on officer personalities, painting large units and Desert Island Wargaming. The focus is very much on the experience of the game, rather than preparation or potted history - thus far the focus appears to be on horse and musket battles, though this will change apparently. I'm secretly hoping this is not the case, as I'm a horse and musket man - but this will depend on the contributors I suppose.

More idiosyncratic than Battlegames, less polished by Miniature Wargames, more absorbent than Wargames Illustrated - the Classic Wargamers Journal reads like the labour of love it is.

You may subscribe (and I urge you to do so) by clicking here.

*I am reliably informed by one of my older friends that a Tamasha is a big party, though apparently it means drama and can also mean a great to-do.


  1. I'm glad to read that Mrs. Kinch is improving.

    -- Jeff

  2. Yes, good to hear! And may she continue to improve! (someone needs to keep an eye on you, after all! ;) )

    Any chance of getting a closer look at the new troops?

    And good luck on the house-hunting! Years ago when I bought my house it took a while to find something suitable and then that fell through. Then just a bit after that I ended up buying the house next door to the first one.

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