Friday, August 27, 2010


Though unfortunately I've read rules by the Two Fat Lardies rather than played them - I have been favourably impressed by their presentation and general ethos.

In addition, the Lardies have a very active Yahoo group and are always willing to engage with their audience. The latest development in this very commendable approach is Lard-o-vision, the first in a series of Youtube tutorials on how to play their games. The first game covered is Sharpe Practice, a large scale skirmish game for up to a hundred figures a side based on adventure fiction set during the 19th century - Forester, Cornwell et al.

Other rules authors take note.

Part the second.

Part the third.


  1. In my humble opinion, the nicest most enthusiastic people you could ever want to meet, but the poorest rule writers I have ever come across.... both the WWII and ACW sets that I won defied transfer to the tabletop - DG & I (with 40+ years of wargaming between us) simply couldn't understand what some of the rules were trying to say...

    I'm at a loss as clearly other people don't have the problem.....!

  2. The rules do sound interesting (from this and from postings I've seen of people's games). I like the "large skirmish" idea. If they ever do a version for Colonials I'll be tempted to at least take a look.

    One complaint about the videos - I had to crank up my volume to hear what Mr. Clark was saying, but then the music was way too loud.
    Anyway, nice way to demonstrate rules.

  3. I found some parts of the book a bit puzzling at first, being unfamiliar with what is in effect a TFL sub-culture, and wasn't quite sure how it would all pan out on the table.

    However after watching the very welcome videos I feel I've got the idea now and that there's a lot of potential.