Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Pork & Beans

Portugese Infantry from Ykreol

I took delivery the other day of two new battalions of French infantry, the 22nd Ligne and the 1st Swiss. Both need to be based, but they will form a new and interesting addition to my French forces - which are growing at a frankly alarming rate.

With that in mind, I've sent off another regiment of Redcoats to Mark Bevis, this time the 28th (North Gloucestershire) regiment of Alexandria fame to boost my British forces which are rather heavily outnumbered at present. I think it's only reasonable that they should be expect to be outnumbered no more than two to one any more than that is simply unsporting. The above figures will be mustering in soon, though I'm not sure what regiment they'll be joining.

I'm experiencing a little buyers remorse with regard to these chaps. The figures themselves will never win any beauty contests and they cost me 24 euro for one regiment. I could have bought far neater figures in a consistent pose from Newline Designs for about the same money. Not a mistake I will repeat.

Pictures of the Swiss and the 22nd Ligne as soon as I work out how to make Blogger co-operate.

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  1. Niether 'King's' nor 'Queen's' or 'Royal' marines but Old Bragg's; Brass before and Brass behind, who never feared a foe of any kind - Shoulderrrrrrrrr old regiment!

    Wellington's 'Fire-brigade' and as much early special forces as those OTT caricatures of Sharp's!!

    If you're doing post Egypt, the back badge is almost as big as the front badge, a squarish diamond on its point. I put one of the cross-belt plates on my everything collectable blog a while ago. They also kept the old Shako for Waterloo

    Gazed upon the original a few times, it is awesome!!