Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bases from Precision Wargaming Supplies

The 27th presenting arms on one of my
new bases from Precision Wargaming Supplies

It is with a sense of mounting relief that I approach the end of this week which will come at dawn tomorrow. There is tiling to be done, but I found that I lacked some the right equipment and therefore had to throw my hand in today. Tomorrow I will get the mastic gun required and launch into it. Mrs Kinch is off beating her charges through light musical theatre (Stepping Out, I think), so I had the day, or at least those parts of it that I was awake for, to myself.

I opened a parcel which arrived some time ago and experimented with the bases I had ordered from Precision Wargaming Supplies. While I haven't played a game with them yet, they seem to do the trick. They look well, the black enamel is more attractive than I thought it would be and I've realised that there is space to add name tags to the back of the units. This should help if they get their uniforms mixed up with the other boys in the shower baths after games.

The bases themselves are solid and should take pieces of magnetic basing without any fuss. I have noticed that when I add figures that some of the figure base extends over the edge. I have measured the steel base and they are exactly right, so the fault appears to lie with my basing not being as exact as it could be.

I can't see this being a major issue, but we shall see.

Not my most inspiring wargames purchase, but one that will prove useful. Bases are much like undergarments; undramatic, but probably necessary.


  1. I'd heard that you were subject to base desires, but wasn't expecting this!
    Seriously though, these bases look pretty useful - I'll have a look at their website.

  2. Sir,

    You write, "Bases are much like undergarments; undramatic, but probably necessary."

    I must confess that I have personally witnessed a female undergarments that were quite dramatic . . . as I suspect you might have as well.

    -- Jeff

  3. Tim - not a bad lot, though I'm told there are cheaper out there.

    Jef - You're awful, but I like you!