Monday, April 4, 2011


Battlegames, a worthy periodical - now featuring 100% more Conrad Kinch

The days have been just packed and sadly have left little time to devote to blogging. The house is emptier and cleaner than it was, though indoor plumbing and hot and cold running water are still rather further off than I'd like. This week, fingers crossed.

Steve taking a break from playing the French,
takes time to mock my facial hair growing skills

That said, the constant work (and it has been constant) was relieved by my birthday on Thursday and a Saturday spent gaming with Donogh and Steve. Steve was delayed due to the financial crisis, but Donogh and I played a few games of my Sahagun scenario and my adaption of Blasthof Bridge to the Command & Colours: Napoleonics rules. We tinkered with them a little, but they seem to work rather well and I shall hopefully post photos shortly. Steve also informed me at length about the sexist subtext of Peppa Pig.

We then moved on to Ambush Alley, playing Donoghs adaption of a tabletop teaser to Ospreys latest offering - sadly bedtime and the demands of domestic harmony determined that the game had to go unfinished.

Another highlight of the week was the arrival of my copy of Battlegames - which included an article I submitted some time ago. This pleased me greatly, so much so that I will probably get off my rear and write something else.

Damn you Renard...

We also meet Woodner, my sister in laws new dog, during a visit to my parents in laws. He's a very personable chap, so much so that I didn't have the heart to tell him that his mother had a moments flightiness with a fox.


  1. Conrad Kinch,

    Happy Birthday for last week.

    House moves are always a trial, and you have my sympathy. However, once it is all over, you can look forward to your own wargames room ... which will no doubt become a little haven of sanity in what seems to be a world that is growing insaner by the minute.

    All the best,


  2. Happy Birthday Conrad. Glad to hear you've had some gaming opportunities.

  3. Dinsaur....Grrrr!(those of you familiar with Peppa's ouevre will understand!)

    Happy birthday, Conrad! I'll have to rustle up a copy of Battlegames to read your article.

    I'd be careful of your sister-in-law's dog; she looks like she's using that half-fox ancestry to cook up a cunning plan!

  4. and an interesting article it was.
    Happy Birthday.