Thursday, March 31, 2011

BRDM-1 from Hobbyden

BRDM-1 from Hobbyden

In between ordering skips and waiting for bloody plaster to dry, I ordered some reconaissance vehicles for a pal of mine that I'll be seeing at the weekend. Donogh, Steve and I will be invading his ancestral manse to get a spot of gaming done. He and Donogh have been building forces to use with the new effort from Osprey, Force on Force. Donogh has been playing Ambush Alley quite happily for some time now and has assembled an impressive array of Soviets, British and Americans for Afghanistan.

Steve has assembled a force of Cold War Soviets to fight Donogh's Afghans but naturally, being Steve, has taken the heavy metal option - T-80s and Hinds and BMPs oh my! As our birthdays are all quite close together, I decided to get Steve a little something for his forces and therefore picked the lightest, smallest, least impressive reconnaissance vehicle I could find in a no doubt doomed attempt to introduce a little balance into his super-human Soviets.

The model above is a BRDM-1, an amphibious scout car developed by those rascally Communists in 1954, in order to provide protection to reconnaissance troops of the advancing Red Hordes.

Cast in resin by Hobbyden, this is a neat little kit with only five pieces, clean mould lines and certainly as good as any resin kit that I've come across. A little filling and filing will be necessary to get it up to scratch, but nothing too ardous. What really surprised me was the quality of customer service shown by Mark of the Hobbyden. Emails were answered promptly, any questions I had were dealt with and the product arrived quickly and well packed. I don't have any moderns at present, but if I do decide to start a force, I'll be giving Hobbyden a call.

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  1. Nice little model - looks like you've got a bit of work left to do on those floorboards though...