Friday, March 11, 2011

Guns, Helping Japan & New Houses

A Soviet (presumably Russian?) lad puts a gun to good use
(image stolen from here)

Mrs Kinch and I paid a call on our new home today, cracking open a bottle of champagne and toasting the huge amount of work we're going to have to do before the place is habitable. On the other hand there is slightly less work to be done then I anticipated as gas and power are in place. Running water is next, but that shall have to wait for the plumber who will be paying a call on Tuesday. Pictures of the wargames room to be to follow.

Like many people yesterday, I was completely stunned by the sheer magnitude of the disaster in Japan. Our prayers must be with those who are struggling to contain the extent of the tragedy. Money helps too. I know several organisations are raising funds at present, I was about to make a donation to the Irish Red Cross - but was informed that they have yet to be asked for help and that they felt it would be dishonest to take my money without being sure it would go to Japan.

What I have done and what I would advise others to do is place a note (that's a bill to our American friends) in an envelope, whatever you can spare. Mark it "Aid for Japan" and put it on the mantelpiece for a few days. With due regard to the industry and courage of the Japanese, this is not a disaster that will be resolved quickly or easily. Those who need it, will still need it next week or next month. At present, I have been unable to find a means of donating money directly to the Japanese Red Cross. I'm sure regular readers of the blog will make their own arrangements, but I would advise taking a day or two to think about where your money is going and how best it might be used. Putting cash aside now will insure you don't forget.

And lastly, returning to the title of this post.

The internet speaks an infinite deal of nothing, possibly more than any other medium on earth, hiding its two grains of wheat in a great deal more than two bushels of chaff. However, on occasion it can throw up little gems, like "The Smoothbore Ordnance Journal".

This publication, hosted on the, is a mine of information. I haven't finished reading all of it, but thus far I've learned about the destruction of bridges and Austrian horse artillery (compared to those of other states). But there are more riches waiting, with articles on the choice of horses for artillery haulage and naval gunnery. Dr. Stephen Summerfield, who has written extensively on the subject is the editor of this publication. I only regret I didn't come across it sooner, the section on bridge demolition already has scenario ideas dancing in my head.

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  1. Conrad Kinch,

    An excellent idea regarding setting aside funds to help with the disaster in Japan. I always drop my small change into a jar every evening, and when it is full, I give the contents to charity. It is almost full, and I am setting it aside to give to a charity that is asking for funds so that aid and assistance can be sent to Japan.

    All the best,