Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small Goals

The Roll Call by Lady Butler

Mrs Kinch and I are agreed that we must have a Lady Butler print and a big one, it's just a matter of which one...

Small goals are necessary, vital in fact, to the completion of a wargames project.

With that in mind, I have set myself a few short term goals that don't involve the words "kitchen" or "wallpaper.

I hope to play the following scenarios* using Command & Colours: Napoleonics

- Phil Olley's "Vanguards Collide", this is a scenario from the maiden issue of The Classic Wargamer's Journal. I have a written a ramshackle conversion to the Command & Colours set and hopefully I should be able to get a game in and have time to write a battle report for the Journal.

- Make some progress on my Sahagun scenario, I haven't had time to tinker really and I'll need to get two players who are willing to sit down and play through a few versions, but I think that's achievable before the end of the month.

Donogh and I plan to play some games on Thursday, so we should do at least one of the two above. Not content with the Peninsula, he is working on a Sacile scenario. It remains to be seen what special rules he shall be inflicting on the Austrians.

A slightly more long term goal is to get to Birthday Con on the 2nd of April. This is Donogh's annual bash with myself and a chum called Steve. I have somehow managed to make a hash of this for the last three years running, but this year I'm hoping for a days trouble free gaming where I am not mysteriously late, hungover or sleep deprived.

Medium term goals will have to wait until we've hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing.

House update -

The long running war of paint scraping attrition continues in the kitchen, but the boiler and most of the more bizarre cabinets have gone.
The roof is finished.
The plumber spend the first of approximately ten days here and removed the immersion, sink, bath and other fitting.
We bought shower fittings, lavatory fittings, sink and taps.
Half the wallpaper in the wargames room stripped, nasty job.
The bizarre assortment of cabinets, etc removed from the kitchen and under the stairs.
May have mortally offended a telephone sales person, who while trying to sell me a telephone, television and internet deal, said that she could sign me up immediately. I asked if there was some sort of contract - to which she responded that there was nothing on paper.

When I asked if I could get something on paper, she said we don't really do that and got rather huffy. Damn strange way to do business.

*A chap once told me the plural of scenario was scenarii, but later testing proved that this man was a buffoon of the first water.


  1. One should always make time for wargaming, even if the rest of your life is going to hell in a handbasket! (Scenarii sounds like a litte-known Roman unit of skirmishers!)

  2. I thought the scenarii 'worked' the flats in Roman theatres.

    Am I wrong?

  3. I reckon we should try out "scenarius" as the singular and see how that goes too!

  4. I'll bow to your superior knowledge Bob - but as I'd said the man was an ass.

    All work and no play Rosbif.

  5. Lets not and say we didn't Donogh. You know the chap I'm talking about.

  6. Dear Joy,
    Doesn't it seem odd that one of the most famous of all military artists is the female, "Lady" Butler? Must be encouraging for the more intelligent type of girl, as H.G. Wells would have opined what?

  7. As the toast was in the mess in the late 19th century;

    "Gentlemen, the Lady."