Monday, March 7, 2011


The Battle of Maida 20mm figures on a Hotz mat with 5 inch hexes

I enjoyed Leprecon - it was a good chance to chance up and play some games. Numbers were badly down, something I think the committee will have to ask themselves some hard questions about. That said, the organisation of everything barring promotion and advertising was top notch and things ran very smoothly.

My proposed Tank Duel game didn't go ahead, due to lack of players, but Command & Colours: Napoleonics got a thorough working over, with ten games being played over the two days. I had Donogh as a next door neighbour. I was unable to find his zeppelin in time, so he ran some Ambush Alley scenarios instead, getting four games in over the weekend, which pleased him no end.

You can see some pictures of Donogh's work, here.

My "Yes Minister" LARP went rather well - the players negotiating the first two years of Margaret Thatchers administration without any major screwups. Though they did precipitate a a run on the Peso after the assassination of the Spanish premier by ETA. There was also that thing with the hunger strikers, a sex scandal or two and a bit of a bust up with some bin-men. But all good clean fun.

No one mention the brief shooting war with Spain over Gibraltar.

It was interesting to run a game set during the Thatcher administration where the Miners Strike was not the major policy disaster.

My Margaret Thatcher (ably played by Ms. Tootsie Royale) was splendid and really kept the players on their toes.

Hats at conventions are so passe - glue on moustaches are the new new thing
(Marshall Vincenzo modelling La Guarda Imperiale)

Command & Colours: Napoleonics was a success - we got ten games in over two days. Eight games of Maida and two games of Corunna. Honours were about equal and a good time was had by all. Most of the players hadn't played Napoleonics before and there were four players that hadn't played a C&C game before. If I had any doubts, this weekend put them to rest, Napoleonics is an excellant game - we just haven't really grasped its subtleties yet.

Some of them are laughably unconvincing...

(General Fatzington attempts to carry off an Ambrose Burnside)

A good weekend, more pictures to follow...

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