Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great news!

In an astonishing turn up for the books - I have news. It is good news and for a change it doesn't involve toy soldiers.

Mrs. Kinch and I moved our first load of furniture into the new Chez Kinch yesterday. We should be getting our own keys very shortly. On occasion, I disbelieve it, but it looks like its actually happening - a mere six months and four days since our offer was accepted.

And as if my cup was not running over before hand, a new box arrived from Mark. I haven't had a chance to go through it as we're packing furiously and I am enjoying a relatively heavy week at work, but it did manage to nip out and take some pictures in the back garden before going back to my domestic duties.

These chaps are Newline Designs British Heavy Dragoons painted as Fourth Dragoon Guards. Yet another Irish regiment to add to my Peninsular British, though not one that exactly covered itself in glory if I recall correctly.

And as if my day couldn't get any better, this happened.


  1. Conrad Kinch,

    It is extremely good news. Any idea when you will actually move in?

    All the best (and good luck in your new home),


  2. That remains to be seen - there is the small matter of getting running water. Soon!

  3. Good news on the House.

    The 4th Dragoons redeemed themselves at Mons in the war to end all wars

  4. Hopefully running water in the taps rather than through the roof!

    I wish you much joy in your new home.


  5. I don't understand; are you saying it took six months to finalize a sale from the date of the offer?

    Wish it took that long here in the US. Maybe we would not be in the housing pickle that we are in now...

    Huzzah to the judge, proving the bewigged men can still be manly. :^)

  6. Unfortunately Ireland can't exactly wave the flag for fiscal rectitude, our banks are even more screwed than your banks.

    Which is why they are so leery of giving out mortgages I suspect.

    The story about the judge pleased me immensely, put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

  7. Congrats on your new abode Kinches!

    With judges like yours, it sounds like the Irish underworld should be shaking in their boots (or the next Irish 7-nations rugby team needs him in the front row!).

  8. Best of luck in the new house...

    You watch - that little scroat will go speak to his lawyer - who will go speak to someone in Brussels - and the judge will end up being done for using unnecessary force.... :o((