Sunday, March 20, 2011

120mm Crimean War British Officer

The (finally finished) British Officer, 19th Foot, Crimean War era

I am very tired and indescribably filthy, but some super work was done today. Paint stripping continues apace and we should be taking delivery of a wallpaper stripper tomorrow which will may help matters. The roofer arrives tomorrow to start work, though there will have to be some negotiations with the plumber before we begin.

Siskey and I also removed the last set of bars from the windows, which has made a huge differance. Sadly, we had to destroy the surrounding curtain rail, etc in order to save it - but bigger issues were at stake.

This is the first blog post written in the new house, we had to return to Kingstown last night to avail of showers and food. I took the opportunity to repaint the base of the chap up above, the black base wasn't sitting well with me. After wiping the grime of the day away - I took out the camera and took some snaps before handing him over to Mrs Kinchs great uncle. They're not great, flash is not kind to miniatures, but they'll do. I've posted pictures of this chap before, but I don't often give figures away - so a few more won't hurt.

This shot is a little misty. We're only heating one room at the moment with a Superser heater, as the gas hasn't been turned on yet. There was condensation forming on the lens of the camera as it was rather cold in the room in which it was being kept.

This chap is an officer in the Green Howards, who were at the Alma, Inkerman and Sevastapol during the Crimean campaign. The name comes from a period in the 18th century when two regiments of foot (which at the time took their names from their Colonels) were both commanded by men named Howard. Since having two "Howard's Regiments of Foot" would be confusing, they were distinguished by their facings - the 19th becoming the Green Howards and the 3rd becoming Howards Buffs.

A view from the rear, I've not entirely happy with the angle of the sabre - but I was afraid to attempt anything for fear of breaking it.

I think the brown base which is the only major change, barring a few little touch ups, that I've made since last posting pictures of this figure makes it look warmer. I'm generally pretty bad at picking colours (ask Mrs Kinch, she's currently trying to plan a kitchen), but this one I think was a good choice.


  1. I really like the figure, but the eyes look too 'weak'. I like painting the top of the eye with a thin black line for eye lashes.

    If I can do it in 15mm, you can do it in 120mm! :^)

    Of course, if it is intended that he has blonde eyelashes, then it looks just right.

  2. Very nice! I'm sure it's a much appreciated gift.

  3. You're probably right Dale, but he's been handed over the intended recipient at last so I won't have the opportunity to repaint him.

    Fitz - M'uncle seems very happy with him.

    It'll be a while before I get a chance to do another.

  4. do the eyes again, try alternating true matt and eggshell finishes