Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter of '79

I read quite a number of wargaming blogs and often follow blogs for games that I don't play, if I think the authors ideas or enthusiasm warrant it. One such blog is Winter of '79, a blog based around a fictional British Civil War that takes place after the election of Margaret Thatcher.

The project is built around 20mm Cold War era figures and takes its inspiration from a variety of sources; The Professionals, A Very British Coup, John LeCarre, the Miners strike and The Clash to name a few. The author grew up during the period and often comments on things that he remembers noticing at the time, this makes the blog an interesting and oddly personal read.

Not my typical fare - but well worth a look.

Of particular note is Marks recent post about his "dream list" of 1970s British Civil War figures.

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