Wednesday, March 2, 2011


...and unpacking, but no sign of Donogh's zeppelin.

I began operation prepare for Leprecon today after my post-work nap. This mainly involved finding all the bits I'll need for C&C Napoleonics, "Tank Duel" and Donogh's zeppelin. It was irksome as it meant that I had to unpack a box or two I had packed in the expectation of having moved long before Leprecon.

On the plus side, the mortgage provider appear to have run up a white flag and surrendered unconditionally. The circumstances behind this are complex, but suffice to say, despite a long and often trying process, the outcome appears to be the right one. It certainly wasn't over by Christmas and I will only really believe it when the keys are in my hand.

I discovered a few more boxes with mould on them and cleaned them, but despite that there were two bits of good toy soldier related news today - I received an email from Mark that he had posted a box of figures to me on Monday and the vagaries of An Post permitting, I should have them before Leprecon. Secondly, I received a box of Liberation Miniatures Irish Civil War figures from a seller in the US. I intend to use them for Very British Civil War or Sea Lion scenarios, not a main project of mine, but they were a bargain and I'll get around to it sometime.

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