Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leprecon III: Corunna in pictures

Battle of Corunna

The Battle of Corunna - 20mm figures on a 5 inch hex Hotz mat

The French Advance

French guns prepare the way as the Irish Brigade and the 76ieme Ligne begin the French push in the centre

Redcoats Stand Firm

Was there a man dismayed? The Redcoats stand firm

The Irish Brigade

The 3ieme Legion Etranger, who were not present at the battle, but were the only French light infantry I had at the time - press on

English Cavalry

British cavalry on the right, sadly they will have to shoot their horses later as there is insufficient room in the transports

The French turn the British Line

The French assault in the centre despite heavy casualties turns the British line

The battle went on in the centre for several turns, with both sides getting cut up rather badly. Fortunately, the French blinked first, when an ill considered cavalry charge blocked the advance of the remaining French infantry. The British were able to punish the reckless horsemen sufficiently to break the French will to continue, but it was a damn close run thing...

Donogh McCarthy RA, a dissolute roue and the painter responsible for the above images. Pictured here shortly after a laudanum fuelled "consultation" with a flame haired technical expert (left). Poor McCarthy as you can see is much vexed by the news that he shall have to repaint his Afghans, as he used the wrong kind of blue.


  1. Spooky. I have just set up Corunna (using C&C) on my table.

  2. I recognise quite a few figures from sets that I use; HaT, Zvezda, Italeri and even the SHQ British officer. What figures are your British infantry? I couldn't make out what they were.

  3. Tim - I've been reading your mind. By the way, you want a bacon sandwich.

    Rosbif - My British infantry are motley lot. Mostly HAT, the old light infantry box and the new Peninsular British box, leavened with some odds and sods from Italeri (in retrospect, not so keen on them) and a large clump of converted Strelets Crimean war British. There are also some converted cheap copies of the Revell that I found somewhere. Useful gentry these fellas as they furnished me with drummers, pioneers and extra mounted officers. There is also the odd Waterloo 1815 officer.

    Metals include officers from Strelets and SHQ.

    By the way, I may have some Strelets Guard Chasseurs in winter dress that need a home. Your units are rather smaller than mine, so you might be able to use figures that I can't. I may not be able to put my hand to them immediately - but let me know if they'd be of use.

  4. Hi Conrad,

    Looks like a ton of fun! I love the Command & Colors system. So much better than other, more complex rules systems at the end of the day. More fun, and even a better 'feel' for how a battle might unfold many times.