Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wargames Room - Beginnings

It may not look like much, but from little acorns...

While we were pottering about the new house yesterday, connecting gas and electricity and the like - I took pictures of the house entire, so that we can have some idea of what progress has been made. This will help keep our spirits up, because I suspect that there will be times when it will feel like a Sisyphean task.

The wargames room, as it will eventually be, is not exactly in an ideal state at present. There's a hole in the floor, plumbing to be removed, to say nothing of that wallpaper. The ceiling rose has been destroyed or taken away and will need replacing. The room will need shelving, a selection of military prints, a painting table and somewhere to put my armchair and smoking cabinet.

Mrs Kinch has agreed that ongoing wargaming will have to occur in order to keep me mentally stable. All work and no play. But in the meantime, however I think organising somewhere to cook and somewhere to wash may have to take precedence.


  1. In my experience most wargames rooms are 'works in progress'. You have a room - that's a good start. Keep us posted with regard to progress.

  2. Looks like a splendid space. (mine had a whole in the ceiling when I started, its all fixable. )

    The key will be careful panning and an accurate analysis of requirements. Which explains my current muddle :)


  3. Tim & Ross,

    I will be posting regular updates, to keep my own spirits up if nothing else. Careful analysis will have to take place, choice of table will be key. Mrs Kinch said something rather soppy on the subject today.

    Progress thus far - paint stripped from one kitchen wall.

  4. We moved into a place with a shed (Australian for Man-Cave)out the back, but so far it's been used mainly as storage for the crap we can't fit. It's strange that we moved into a 3 bedroom detached house from a 2 bedroom terrace house, but can't find room for everything we had from the smaller house. I'm convinced the previous house has TARDIS qualities. Anyway, after we do a thorough clean up (one day!), the shed is MINE.

    Congrats again on the new abode, Conrad

  5. Conrad Kinch,

    Good luck with your latest 'project'! I was lucky, and started with a brand new room in our loft conversion, and bought furniture to fit ... the problem is that with time, my collection has outgrown the storage! Mind you, it has not stopped me buying more stuff.

    All the best,


  6. Hi Conrad,

    Congrats on the new digs. I hope that you and your better half enjoy the process of turning the house into a home. The wargame room has a lot of potential.


  7. Tchhh...

    "I think organising somewhere to cook and somewhere to wash may have to take precedence."

    Has your beloved never heard of take-away restaurants and the public baths????! :o)