Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painted Chasseurs

Amongst the figures that arrived yesterday were some French Chasseurs, which I think you'll agree Mark did a good job on in such a short space of time. I particularly like the Pioneer, though I will have to think of some way of using him in C&C Napoleonics. I foresee a special card.

These chaps are of the 1st Legere, who were like my Swiss were at Maida. Hitherto fore, the French lights were represented by the Irish in the shape of the 3ieme Legione Etranger. They looked rather fetching, but it was probably a little odd to have the entire light arm of my French army hail from Mayo.

It would probably have been more appropriate to use figures in skirmishing poses for lights, but I thought the HAT marching figures were so splendid that I plumped for them instead. Pleasing oneself is one of the satisfactions of wargaming. Napoleonic infantry look right marching along.

The arrival of the French Light Infantry and British Heavy Cavalry broadens the number of Command & Colours: Napoleonics scenarios I'll be able to play with my new setup.

Two gentlemen who have been giving it a try on a similar scale are Clive (of the Old Metal Detector) and Foy (Prometheus in Aspic) - they used some lovely old Hinton Hunts to play a version of Rolica. I recommend the slideshow on Clive's blog, a sparse table with simply painted figures. Evocative of Charge!


  1. I love the HaT light infantry set, including the voltiguers in colpacks, carabiniers in bearskins and the chasseurs. The command set fianlly addresses the glaring lack of flag bearers and other officers found in most other sets.

    Do you find Newline too small to fit in with 1/72? I though they were true 20mm which I find a little on the small side. Or don't you mind that much?

  2. I must say I'm very taken with Hats output of late - the sets of marching figures are great. I like Newline, beautiful little figures, but not really compatible with other 20mm manufacturers. They work well in units on their own however. Generally when I'm looking for metals to go with 20mm plastics, SHQ/Kennington go well, though the range isn't exhaustive by any means.