Saturday, December 17, 2011

Newline Royal Horse Artillery

An Officer type

I've been using Revell Foot Artillery figures with an ADC figure as a substitute for Horse Artillery for quite some time. However, sooner or later I was going to have to get the right chaps on the board and finally, he they are.

This fellow is a Newline British Light Dragoon, who has had sword-ectomy and is now serving as the officer in charge of this particular gun.

Gunners, they wore fancier hats back then

These are Newline chaps again, I only actually needed two per gun, but it would be a silly waste of figures not to have a full (ish) crew for each piece. They are nice little figures and they don't look too out of scale with the rest of my collection.

The ensemble

I only needed two units of Royal Horse Artillery, no doubt once my ambitions become fixed on another big game I'll hanker for some more, but in the mean time these will do.

With the addition of these guns, all that remains to complete my British collection (at least until I decide I need something more exotic) is some Lifeguards. I think I hear the Revell set calling.


  1. After seeing these figures, I realize how much I wish what was to become the R.H.A. wore Tarleton helmets during the 18th century. Very spiffy!

    Best regards,


  2. I like the basing and painting on these!

  3. I'm with Fitz... also the figures are lovely sculpts - the more Newline's I have, the more I like them!

  4. They are nice, though I got a very interesting email the other day...