Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wargames Illustrated: The Death of Nelson

Nelson decides to have a lie-down

I will be back up and about in four and a half hours, but Mr Sleep is not at home to Mr Kinch at present, so I decided to do some work on my current modelling projects. Next on my list is a gift for Mrs Kinchs grandfather, a man who is fond of all things Royal Navy. The piece is one from Wargames Illustrated's Moments in History collection, specifically the Death of Nelson. I've seen a variety of pictures of this scene, which was a popular one. This piece specifically reminds me of an etching, I think after a painting, that my mother had in a school book. I'm sure a glance at google would give me a name, but I think I'd rather look for the book.

Due to a review of Royal Navy manning policy,
the position of "kissing Hardy" will be filled at a later date

There are few if any problems with flash. The piece itself was delivered in a blister pack and shipped very quickly from New Zealand. It is cast in 28mm and while I rarely, if ever, have anything to do with "the Devil's scale" - it is a very nice piece for all that. I've test fitted all the pieces and they fit with only minor trimming and fitting. My plan is to paint the pieces seperately. I'll mask the holes with blu-tack, now that I've set up Nelson, and spray the piece white. Once I've painted the great man himself, I'll add the other elements. I have learned some things since assembling that diorama of Gordon of Kartoum.

Those damned chevrons

Work continues apace on our friend the drummer, damn his fiddly, fiddly eyes. For those of you having difficulty noticing the differance between this picture and the last I posted, I have added the red piping to his chevrons and his waistcoat. This was a very awkward job as it required a steady hand. Trying it while still keyed up after work was probably foolish, but I can probably fix the mistakes later.

Painting white over red presents no difficulties. None what so ever.


  1. He's looking good, despite the lie. Good work on the face in particular.

  2. The drummer looks to be real challenge, but you are doing a splendid job so far...