Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Those demmed politicals!

Sir Harry Flashman VC returned from his secret mission

One of the problems of being a cat that is also a national hero, beloved by millions, is that you will occasionally be sent on secret missions for HMG, which will sadly necessitate putting your precious pelt in harms way. Those demmed politicals will think up hideous schemes to ensnare a chap. 

Which is of course, how Flashman came to lose his eyebrow. 

I suspect that while he was on this secret mission, someone threw a banger (an M80 to our trans-atlantic chums) at him or threw one and Flashman chased it. At least that's what I gather from the lack of eyebrow and the black marks on his face when he came in the other night.

All I can say is God help the young gentleman I find throwing bangers at animals over the next few weeks. 

Addendum: Posting it likely to be sparse for a little while, I have some posts written, but unfinished. Work and life are simply demanding a little too much of my attention at present.  


  1. Hope Flashman is ok. Kids these days!

  2. If I caught one of the little bastards I'd shove the next banger (lit) where the sun don't shine...

  3. While missing an eyebrow is not good; missing the cat would be a whole lot worse.

    I'm glad that Sir Harry is no worse off than he is.

    -- Jeff

  4. Thinking the same thing Jeff said. Best wishes to Sir Harry!

  5. Like his namesake, he has saved his own skin (slightly singed) and come home with his reputation enhanced. Does he get a bar for his VC (or at least extra rations)?


  6. M 80? Thought that was a motor way in the UK or an American tank. Fire cracker perhaps?

    or perhaps furry feline's Tom came home early and Sir Harry had to exit up the still hot stove pipe?

    one never knows

  7. Sir Harry is a stout hearted and valiant sort of chap. Kay and I forthwith recommend him for the Catnip Cross with mouse clusters. Melas he's well.

  8. He looks extremely comfortable, pampered even, in that pic, which is good. Lucky escape. Damn kids.

  9. I am not sure "We're glad" turned into "Melas" in my last post. My iPad does funny things. To reiterate, Kay and I are demmed glad that Sir Harry escaped with just singed whiskers. Our recommendation for the gong stands.

  10. Rest assured gentlemen, that Flashman is doing well. He is in fact washing himself rather noisily at the end of the bed as I write this.

    He will be up to his old tricks in no time.