Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wargamers Annual 2013

Having a browse while basing some Falcata Grenadiers

Winston Churchill was of the opinion that there was nothing more exhilarating then being shot at without result. I have never been shot at (touch wood) and I hope that I never will, but until such time as I achieve that dubious honour - seeing my name in print will have to suffice. 

My contributors copy of "The Wargamers Annual 2013" arrived the other day and I was very happy with how it has turned out. Mrs Kinch was somewhat miffed by its early arrival as it has been her particular province ever since it's first publication four years ago.  She regularly claims that I'm, "...impossible to buy for," but that this was one thing that she always got me for Christmas without fail.  She may have to get a little more inventive this year. 

The Annual itself is a beautiful 112 page perfect bound book and features the usual grab bag of scenarios, how to articles and general articles on the hobby. The theme for this year is the ambush and how to treat it in toy soldier games. I haven't read the annual in its entirety yet, as it is a pleasure to be sipped rather than gulped. 

Highlights include. 

Stokes's cheer leading articles on converting figures and motivating oneself to paint which are real get up and go stuff. 

Dale Smith's article on the 12th Cavalry Division at Waterloo was balm for my Napoleonic soul, I would have liked some notes of the Kriegspiel at the end - but on the whole a very satisfying read.  I don't think I'll have the resources to pull this one off though. There is a limit to even my megalomania. 

Angus Konstam's Bridge at Arcola scenario is just begging to be played as a C&C Napoleonics scenario. I like that he doesn't bother with potted history and plunges straight into the mechanics of designing the game. Top marks. 
Damnation Robert! I didn't need more of these fellows.  Until I saw this...

Bob Marrion & the Brigadier  have some beautiful plates in a section on French Revolutionary Uniforms. I need more French infantry like I need a hole in the head, but... 

Irish history generally bores me witless, but Barry Hilton's piece on raparees captured my attention and I suspect that it will be appearing in Peninsular clothes shortly. One for Sharpe Practice or Savage Worlds, I think. 

There's lots more in there that I haven't read yet, Henry Hyde on heraldry for one, but I will get to them in time.  

Lastly, my own piece is a sort of choose your own adventure with a scenario attached. It's a Peninsular battle naturally, played using Command & Colours Napoleonics, though there are notes on how to play it with different rulesets. 

Sadly, the first thing I noticed was a typo. 

In the section marked Outcomes on page 96.  The sentence which finishes, "...have fewer difficulties gathering forage," should not lead on to the following paragraph, but onto the one beginning, "However, in doing right in the eyes of the law...". 

Sorry about that, I shall not have another Grauniad moment*

I believe the Annual will be available shortly, Dave over at Caliverbooks is usually the chap to talk to or so Mrs Kinch informs me. 

*This guarantee is not a guarantee. 


  1. Sounds like it's a bit heavy on the Napoleonic era. That's not a complaint, as I know it's a popular era. I was just curious if it is, or if it just seems so because that's an era you are interested in so those are the bits you mentioned, or somewhere in between?

    1. Now that you mention it - it is pretty horse and musket heavy. The teasers are all adaptable to other periods, but for the most part it's 18th and Napoleonics this year.

    2. So was 2009's (but I can't speak for the in between years) problem to me as it's one of my favourite periods... and like you say, I've yet to see a teaser that you can't adapt in one way or another..

  2. Congrats on getting in the annual


  3. My felicitations for your inclusion....

    The annual was advertised in the mailing I got from Caliver yesterday.... £17.50 (plus postage) and it's yours......

  4. I can't wait to see a copy of it! Green with envy here and all that, old chap.

    Best Regards,


    1. Your troops are looking very well, unlike mine - I will definitely have to do some more work on my photography skills.