Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stout fellow...

...that Richard Clarke*.

The lack of a War Room is really beginning to bite at this stage - I haven't had a decent game in nearly a month. That should however, be ending fairly soon and I'm very glad too. With that in mind I've been thinking about what sort of games I should play next. I've had a hankering for an old fashioned figure removal sort of game for a while. I was considering the Legends of the Old West Alamo game, as I'd rather like to do a siege - but then I thought I might give Sharpe Practice a try. I bought it a couple of years ago, but never actually tried it out.

Unfortunately, when I went looking for my copy I discovered that all my Two Fat Lardies PDFs had gone in a hard drive crash last year.

One swift email to Richard at Two Fat Lardies later - he did a check on my account and sent me copies of everything that I was missing. Strictly speaking he didn't have to - but it did so anyway. So hopefully, once the interminable floor project is done, you'll be seeing some Sharpe Practice in the weeks to come.

*Photograph may not actually be Richard Clarke. This guarantee is not a guarantee.


  1. Sharpe Practice is great fun, enjoy!

  2. Hope you get your room sorte soon, I know how it feels to go without ;-)


  3. Conrad Kinch,

    Who are you calling stout? My tailor would say that he was 'country gentleman size'!

    Seriously, the service and attitude of Richard at Two Fat Lardies is exemplary ... and it is a pity that other retailers do not follow their example.

    As our American cousins would say 'Kudos to Two Fat Lardies'.

    All the best,


  4. Will be interested to see how you get on with Sharp Pratice. A month without a game, cold turkey or what, not good Mr Kinch.

  5. Well, I guess they aren't called two Fat Lardies for nothing. (I know, it's a takeoff on "Two Fat Ladies". ha ha)

    It's true that bad service often gets more notice and good service often goes un-lauded, so it's good to give them a bit of attention when we can. I have to say, I receive good service, even "above and beyond" service, from many hobby-related companies much more often than not.

  6. Richard Clarke is a Jolly Good Chap. I have nothing but praise for his service. You should consider penning something for the TFL quarterly specials, as Rich is always looking for good content. You would fit right in.
    I bought SP largely for the ACW supplement, Terrible Sharp Sword, and have never regretted it. Almost as much fun as a pub night in Medicine Hat on a Saturday with the UK Battlegroup just off the prairie and spoiling for a fight.