Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cabra-Kildare War of 1962

I was lucky enough to take part in an epic wargame last night, kindly hosted by Sydney, who commissioned McCarthy and I to create a large scale Memoir '44 scenario. He had a couple of requests, that the battle be stretched over two game days, that there be fortifications, plenty of opportunity for combined arms as well as paratroopers and couple of other things. 

Donogh and I put our heads together and decided that it would be simpler to write a bespoke scenario rather than trying to find a battle in history that fit the requirements. Thus was born the Cabra-Kildare War of 1962. 

But first a little background. 


                                                            Tea Plantations of Maynooth

CIA FACTBOOK 1961 Edition

Commonwealth of Kildare (formerly British PG Tipps)

Founded: 1949

Principal Industries: Tea & Tourism

Population 7.6 million

Head of State: HRM Queen Elizabeth II
Premier: Prime Minister Albertus Sydney of the Conservative Party
Capital: Enfield

Enfield – Capital City of the Commonwealth of Kildare

                                                               Nightlife in Enfield

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Language: Spanish (official) Creole (official) English (official)

Member of the Commonwealth
Strong trade ties with the United States

Kildare infantry manning .30cal mg during fighting in Tetley province,1957

Formerly the British colony of PG Tipps, the Commonwealth formally declared independance after a two year transitional period in 1949. The handover was relatively smooth and a small expatriate community remains. Crop failures in 1951 and 1952 led to a communist insurgency in the east of the island, the states of Nescafe, Starbucks and Bewleys, which developed into a brief but bloody civil war that wracked the island from 1957-58. A peace deal signed in Paris in December 1958 partitioned the island in two, the Peoples Democratic Republic of Cabra and the Commonwealth of Kildare.

The Commonwealth is made up of three constituant states, Barrys, Lyons and Tetley. Barrys is the smallest and richest of three, being home to Enfield, the capital city, and the resorts and tourist spots that bring in much of the Commonwealth's foreign exchange. Agriculture is the countries largest employer, with tea taking up the lions share of the arable land.

While the Commonwealth still has strong ties with the United Kingdom, the United States is its largest trading partner and is also the source of the majority of the islands tourists.

Kildare Armed Forces
Army – The Army of the Commonwealth of Kildare

                                   Army of the Commonwealth of Kildare Soldiers on parade
2 Divisions Infantry
Infantry armed with M1 Garand, .30 LMG, M3 SMG, 82mm mortars and 3.5 inch bazookas.

Sherman tank of the Armoured Corps in combat in
Starbucks province during the Civil War of 1958

One tank brigade
Sherman tanks (76mm gun)

1 Artillery Brigade
M2 105mm Howitzer
75mm Pack Howitzer

Airforce – The Royal Kildare Airforce

                                                            Spitfires of the Royal Airforce
Four squadrons P51 fighters
Twp squadrons Spitfires

Navy – The Royal Kildare Navy

Corvette “The Lady Frances”
Frigate “The Lady Emily”
Coastal patrol boats


  1. It sounds like you have had a great time creating the background for your scenario ... and I hope that there is even more to come!

    All the best,


  2. Oh for the days when a fat man could suck on a stogey in a nightclub and a beautiful woman would pretend that he was interesting for reasons other than his bank balance.
    A great backstory, looking forward to more!

  3. Enfield really has come on leaps and bounds since they put in that bypass.

  4. Fascinating entry from the 1961 book.I await further details and developments...
    best wishes

  5. Hi Mr Kinch,

    My only question - are you writing the Osprey title for this war?

    I also think a Flames of War supplement may be in order....;-)

    BTW - the third pub is?

    All the best,


    1. We're in negotiations - I fear Osprey will be unable to meet my demands that Angus McBride illustrate it.

      The third pub is naturally enough called "The New Pub".