Monday, February 11, 2013

The Peoples Democratic Republic of Cabra

The Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra taking delivery
of T-34 tanks from the USSR 1962

CIA FACTBOOK 1961 Edition

The Peoples Democratic Republic of Cabra (formerly part of the Commonwealth of Kildare)

Founded: 1958

Principal Industries: Tobacco, Mining (Gold, silver & bauxite)

Population 16.7m
Ethnic Makeup: mixed 73%, white 16%, black 11%

Head of State: First Citizen Dastardly El Gorman
Premier: First Citizen Dastardly El Gorman

Capital: Cabra City 4.2 million
Government: Peoples Republic (Totalitarian one party state)

Language: Spanish (official) Creole (official) English (unofficial)

Land mass: 48,670 sq km

Eastern two thirds of island of PG Tipps, shares border with Commonwealth of Kildare. Claims entirety of the island.

Climate: Tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall.

Terrain: Rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed

Allied with the Soviet Union
Strong trade ties with People Republic of China
Extensive Cuban involvement in industry.

                                                   Fighting in Tetley province in 1957

Formerly a part of the British colony of PG Tipps, the PDRC was founded after a brief but bloody civil war that wracked the island from 1957-58. A peace deal signed in Paris in December 1958 partitioned the island in two, the Peoples Democratic Republic of Cabra and the Commonwealth of Kildare.

Named for a guerrilla, Invideous Gormando McCarthy El Cabra, who fought an unsuccessful guerilla war against the British in the early 1800s – the infant PDRC has made a name for itself particularly for its aggressive foreign policy under First Citizen Dastardly El Gorman.

Aligning himself with the Soviet Union, who supported his guerrilla campaign, El Gorman has massively expanded mining in the interior of the island and is determined to drag the mostly agrarian population into the 20th century. Increased industrialisation has had mixed results with agricultural yields dropping, with the result that the PDRC has had to import food for the first time in its history. This coupled with rural unrest caused by the forced migration to Cabra City as well as religious persecution has given the First Citizen cause for concern.

With that in mind, Dastardly El Gorman has increased the strength of the Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra and imported surplus Second World War armour from the Soviet Union.

The Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra on manoeuvres
in the Summer of 1961

Armed Forces

Army - The Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra 62,000 men approx
Four infantry divisions
Infantry armed with SVT-40, DP LMG, Ppsh SMG, DsHK HMG, 82mm & 120mm mortars.

Three tank brigades (T-34)
Six batteries of artillery (122mm & 152mm howitzers)

Yak-9's of the  Flying Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra

Airforce - The Flying Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra 3,400 men approx

Four squadrons of Yak-9 fighters

Navy – The Farmers & Workers Militia of Cabra at Sea 1,300 men approx

A few coastal patrol boats


  1. Conrad Kinch,

    This is looking very, very interesting ... and I can see all sorts of potential scenarios developing from this background information.

    I look forward to reading about the scenario that you created ... and how it played out.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob - while I did come up with the background, the scenario was a joint effort with young McCarthy of this parish.

  2. Interesting background, I do hope you let us Yanks in to help stabilize the situation, after all our track record on that is superb...Cough Cough...)

    Nice job looking forward to more!

    1. Well - the Americans are a victory condition rather than an actual force as they'd be rather overwhelming. Once they arrive the game is effectively over.

      And as for stabilisation - well I wouldn't be too hard on yourselves.

    2. I was thinking along the lines of the back bench-er long serving CIA operative
      in this backwater trying to help various factions etc.

      I'm a realest about American foreign policy, it sings from one end to the other with the change of administrations.

  3. Interesting, when will the bullets start to fly?


  4. I detect a certain editorial bias towards El Gorman. When I was in college, I recall that all the lefty girls had his poster on their dorm walls besides Che and Fidel.
    Will the tank brigades be known as the Armoured Farmers? I remember meeting a TA chap from Somerset whose yeomanry regiment had that nickname, and I've always liked it.

    1. I think they may have to be - as for the College Gormanistas - they had their advantages.

      Those posters don't put themselves up you know.