Friday, May 24, 2013

That Difficult Second Elephant

The product of some filing and gluing 

There has been precious little time of late to do much.  However, there is something extremely soothing about getting something done in the wargaming line. I find it helps to keep a tray with some work on it and one can potter away at it, without needing to do much in the way of set up. 

This was an Ancient War Elephant, the kind gift of Donogh, which will be indulging in a spot of time travel. He will be carrying the generals of Kaala-Akaata into battle before too long hopefully. I shall have to convert   a mahout, which should be no great problem.  

The generals may prove more of a problem - I can't think of anything suitable at present. Perhaps a conversion of the ESCI Muslim warriors. 

There will definitely need to be a umbrella though. 

1 comment:

  1. I would be tempted to go with Zvesda's Ottoman Turkish cavalry for Mahratta, Afghan or early Sikh cavalry and leaders but Spencer Smith Jacklex Afghans might also be of use and you only have to buy the ones you want.