Saturday, May 18, 2013

This must be Holland

Is that a windmill? We must be in Holland. 

Du Gourmand and I are working on organising a games day for the 8th of June. We're hoping to get three games in during the day, each of which will be a full blown eight player Command & Colours Napoleonics game,. 

Rigorous research

At present the three games are code-named Not-Quatre-Bras, Not-Ligny and Not-Waterloo. We won't be cleaving too closely to the Hundred Days, just using it as a loose framework to hang our games on. We'll be taking the opportunity to use the new Russian rules, in the absence of the Prussians, so there's been quite a bit of basing at my end - while Du Gourman disports himself and reads popular novels. 

Painting corks - it turns out Kristzian knew what he was talking about

These are some Hinton Hunt Russians that I'm based up for the big game. We haven't worked out exactly how big it will be in terms of units, but it should be reasonably hefty. I normally work on the basis that a battalion commander generally has three companies to worry about and he never really thinks much lower than platoons, so the ideal number of units a player will handle will be about twelve before things get confused or forgotten. 

We're hoping to put three good scenarios together within the limits of the figures we have and the terrain that's available, but the rough outline is a French army advancing into Holland in 1813 in order to smash an Anglo-Russian alliance that is supported by a British amphibious expedition.  

I'm drafting some maps and resisting the urge to fill them bumper to bumper with troops. 

More Russians

Astute readers will be able to spot some Strelets Grenadiers, Hinton Hunt infantry, ESCI Crimean infantry and some Elheim reconaissance troops. I don't think they'll be joining the coalition against the Corsican Ogre somehow.

I'm quite looking forward to this as it's good to be my own man again, now that my exams are over. 


  1. Hi CFonrad,
    I'd ask to play but I live in the U.S. Sounds like a nice undertaking for a group of eight. Will you entertain the possibility that Napoleon is still in and about Prussia so that this battle will have to be fought by one of his subordinates? Or will he rush from the Liepzig area accompanied by his Guard to smite Britannia's sons with their long range guns?
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

    1. Well we were thinking of having the Big Man himself be in attendance. We were thinking of letting him bring his special pals as well - we so rarely get to see the Guard on the table.

  2. Hi CK,

    I shall look forward to this one with relish old chap! I am also pleased to see that the research was being taken very seriously....;-)

    Glad you are back in in fine form after the exams as well.

    All the best,


    1. Well, I think what we're aiming for is "Frank Miller's Waterloo". We'll knock a good game out of it.

  3. I'll take those chaps near the front with the round heads and funny looking muskets.

  4. Ah, shades of 1799, one of my favorite little campaigns despite the nasty flooding.


    1. There is that - I don't think we're going to manage flooding, but Du Gourmand has promised me a windmill.

  5. Intrigued by your notion of multi-player Commands and Colors. How do you handle more than one player per side?


    This is a rough description of how we go about it.

  7. I really should start painting those Napoleonics I bought after Leprecon two years ago. Damn your eyes for reminding me of that other other period I started and then forgot about.