Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mr. Thomas Gunne

A Dark & Moody Shot

This is another Mark Copplestone Scavenger and a very fine fellow he is too. He was painted in an evening and I was surprised how quickly the habits of painting 28mm figures came back to me.  Things go a lot faster if you block in all the colour at the bgeinning and then start working up your mid tones and your highlights.

Lets shed a little light on it

Considerable used was made of Devlan Mud (now called something else I believe) and the many browns available to a chap with a collection of Vallejo paints. Now that I look at it - some orange ink on Thomas's odd looking shooter is probably in order. It looks rather too clean to my eye.

Rear shot (not the best)

My only complaint about the figure is that he rocks back on his heels a bit. I might add something to the back of his feet as he won't bend at the ankles and propping the base just makes him look like he is on tip toes. 

I also might dirty up the lower part of his coat and his shoes, unless it happens to be a particularly well groomed apocalypse. 

Eyes front

All in all I'm not unhappy with him. He's also an extremely well behaved sort of fellow, unlike my 20mm lads who are acting the maggot at the moment and have experienced something of a varnish catastrophe.

Of which the less said the better.

I was listening to this while I painted - hence the name. 


  1. Great figure ,well painted! I looked at the Em4 site today and great things indeed...

    1. Thank you. There are some nice pieces there alright.

  2. I do like this chap (I think I prefer him to Mr. Rifles in fact) - very nice work on the goggles.
    Here's a link to those Lead Adventure chaps I mentioned

  3. Nicely done. I need to recover the art of painting a single figure in a single sitting.
    Ah, the Clash. Such a great band, such a great tune.

    1. It feels good to have something finished and done.

  4. Rather nice effect on the goggles. Hints at OSL.

  5. Original and beautiful figure!