Saturday, September 21, 2013

Once upon a time in a far future

Messrs Ethan Rifles and Thomas Gunne

I have been painting a few 28mm figures of late, to take a break from basing Napoleonics and drybrushing what feels like an endless stream of Soviet tanks.  

I was quite happy with the gasmask, which took a little bit of work. 

I got this fine fellow from EM-4 miniatures along with some other pieces.  I've coveted him for quite some time and I was delighted to finally get to put a brush to him.

I was surprised how light I need to go for the highlight on the brolly

28mm isn't really my thing - but I liked painting this chap.  It's sort of a compromise between 120mm and 20mm in terms of painting for me. Big enough that highlighting and shadowing and so forth are worth doing, but achievable while watching a spot of telly with the Memsahib. 

I was irked when I found I had missed the elbow and painted over it. Fixed now though. 

Now - I rarely paint figures for the good of my health, so this fellow will be gracing a table soon enough. One thing that's become clear to me is that I'm awful at staying in touch with friends and I have friends who aren't that interested in historicals. With that in mind, I'm raising a small force so that we can play some games together.

One of the bonuses was that I finally got to use my purple

These will be small games (about 20 figures a side) and using the old Rogue Trader rules in their "roleplaying game with some toy soldiers" guise.  We shall see how they hold up after all these years.


  1. Lenses and filters turned out great, and there's tons of character.


    1. I was very happy with them - it amazing what advice you can find on the internet. Truly we live in a time of dreams.

  2. Bags of character and very nicely done


  3. Always good to tackle something different now and again, especially when it turns out so well.

    1. Thank you Ross. This is going to be a sometime thing - more an excuse to get some old friends around the table again than anything else. Still - I have enjoyed it greatly.

  4. Those M4 gasmasks can be a real pain! :)

  5. My Dear Kinch,

    You said "endless stream of Soviet tanks" as if it is a bad thing ...

    Kind regards, Chris.